what we do

The Micah Group is a financial technology firm that has developed an artificial intelligence-based technology to drastically improve complex lending with a focus on enhancing the borrower experience for financial institutions. 


We accurately extract data from structured and unstructured documents and map them to a financial institution’s specific credit decision-criteria. This allows for better overall portfolio performance, better visibility and accountability into their processes by removing the manual entry and creating consistencies that reduce decision timetables. 


We believe banking should continue to be relationship-focused and not reliant on generic auto-decisions. Our goal is to give bankers the data they need to make informed decisions quickly, yet accurately for all new and existing businesses regardless of complexity type. 

how we do it

Flip each card and learn how Micah changes the commercial loan experience.


Micah extracts structured, and un/semi-structured data from numerous documents in seconds.


Micah structures and maps data to financial institutions COA to categorize, audit, and spread. 


Foundationally built to help banks become more efficient by removing manual processes and organizing data based on specific guidelines using machine learning. 


The data in Micah allows users to get a holistic customer-view to build a loan memo and instantly gain insights for businesses, borrowers or guarantors. 

why we do it

Flip each card and learn why Micah helps banks with the commercial loan process. 


Micah creates consistencies in the deal workflow and credit presentations allowing faster yes or no decisions.


Micah gives visibility to borrower and portfolio performance through ownership of data allowing banks to do targeted business development with new or existing clients.


All loan files are securely stored in the Cloud, timestamped and archived so all data points are digitally accessible and provable during audits.

who we do it for

Flip each card and learn who Micah is designed for. 


Micah gives Lenders the tools to interact with their clients more efficiently and effectively resulting in higher borrower satisfaction and increased deal volume.


Micah removes manual processes giving analysts more time to look deeper within each deal and tell the “Why” of the borrower story.


Borrowers receive a faster yes or no giving them easier access to credit and time which allows them to grow their business and lives.

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