How it Works

Supercharge Your Workflow with Micah™


Sit back while Micah digitizes your document data in seconds, eliminating virtually all manual entry.


With automated spreading, instantly map data to the relevant financial statements. Instead of formatting spreadsheets, underwriters can skip straight to their analysis.


Easily generate credit memos on the fly using templates customized around your lending policy.


Don’t get delayed by changes. Our centralized system allows quick, easy editing throughout the process.


Easily access audit-friendly data and over time, gain deeper insights into your credit portfolio

A Better Employee Experience

Automate manual data entry so underwriters can focus on higher-impact analysis — sooner.

Why Micah?

Want to reach credit decisions days before other lenders?


Does Micah adapt to our bank's loan policy?

Our Story

Justin Bjerkaas’ frustrations as a banker drove him to improve the lending experience