We are a financial technology firm in Minneapolis founded in 2017 by a recovering banker working within the commercial lending space of banking. We have developed an artificial intelligence-based technology to drastically improve complex lending with a focus on enhancing the borrower experience for financial institutions.

Our Story

Our founder saw an industry that was stuck doing the same thing expecting different results. Technology companies have taken advantage of this mindset and locked bankers into long term contracts with outdated and shelved technology. Today, our world is changing faster than ever - how can banks expect to be competitive with outdated technology? This technology causes errors from manual inputs, systems that do not communicate with each other, multiple sources of data, and people stitching the process together. Bankers become clerks inputting data again and again and not focusing on the customer relationship.

He partnered with technologists with backgrounds from MIT, Harvard, and George Washington University to create Micah™. Micah™ is a learning machine that helps banks gain insights, go to market faster, and see actionable data faster for loan decisioning. Lending can be complex and needs humans to be part of the process to understand the “why” behind a deal. Micah™ helps bankers get there faster with data that is explainable, verifiable, and trustworthy.

At The Micah Group, we believe that technology should help people become more efficient and effective. It should solve a problem and not inhibit people or processes. We believe banks should own the data in a clean and structured format. We believe in partnering by solving problems you face each day and not selling something we have developed or made.

Leadership Team

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James DonFrancesco

Chief Product Officer
Technology and product executive passionate about building high performing teams by mentoring and investing into people, with a proven track record of delivering software solutions using various product delivery methodologies.
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Justin Bjerkaas

Founder and CEO
Responsible for strategy with a focus on growth, innovation, investor and customer relations. He is a “recovering banker” who believes the banking experience should be better. For this reason, he founded The Micah Group with a broad experience from lending, credit, P&L management, strategy, and regulatory compliance.

Mike Nowezki

Sr. Director of Sales
Experienced advisor with a demonstrated history helping clients get the most out of their technology investments. Passionate about seeing change in the workplace with cross-functional teams working more effectively together for improved customer experiences.

Advisory board

Jeff Cowan

Jeff Cowan

Mike Murray

Mike Murray

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Charlie Christensen

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Jeff Johnson

Emily Duke

Emily Duke

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Sal Mondelli

John Exline

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Vicki L. Turnquist


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